Favourite (Theatre) Actors List

A list in alphabetical order of actors I would certainly  like to see again (and again) on stage, buying a ticket just because they are in, no matter what it is (to be continued…)

…Last Edit: July 2019

Allam, Roger, seen in: Uncle Vanya, The Tempest, Seminar, The Moderate Soprano, Limehouse; next in: Rutherford and Son

Atkins, Eileen, seen in: All That Fall, Ellen Terry;  The Height of the Storm

Barnett, Samuel, seen in: Richard III, Twelfth Night, The Beaux’ Stratagem; Allelujah!

Best, Eve, seen in: Much Ado About Nothing, The Duchess of Malfi, Love in Idleness

Buchan, Andrew, seen in: Richard II

Buring, MyAnna, seen in: Strangers on a Train, The Wasp, The Vote

Campbell Moore, Stephen, seen in: All My Sons, Clybourne Park, Berenice, Chimerica, Photograph 51; Consent

Carvel, Bertie, seen in: Matilda the Musical, Damned by Despair, Bakkhai, The Hairy Ape; Ink

Chancellor, Anna, seen in: Private Lives, The Wolf from the Door, The Seagull

Craig, Rosalie, seen in: Macbeth, The Light Princess, Miss Julie/ Black Comedy, City of Angels, Sweeney Todd, The Vote, As You Like It, The Threepenny Opera, Becoming – Part I; The Ferryman; Company

Cumberbatch, Benedict, seen in: Frankenstein, Hamlet

Dench, Judi, seen in Peter and Alice, The Vote, The Winter’s Tale

Donnelly, Killian, seen in Billy Elliott, Memphis, Kinky Boots

Duff, Anne-Marie, seen in Berenice, Strange Interlude, Husbands and Sons, Oil, Common; Heisenberg; Macbeth; Sweet Charity

Edwards, Charles, seen in: Much Ado About Nothing, This House, Strange Interlude, Blithe Spirit, Richard II, Waste; Copenhagen

Fraser, Hadley, seen in: Les Miserables, Pajama Games, Coriolanus, City of Angels, The Vote, The Winter’s Tale, Harlequinade, Long Days Journey into the Night, ST. Joan; Young Frankenstein; next in: The Deep Blue See

Gatiss, Mark, seen in: 55 Days, The Recruiting Officer, Coriolanus, The Vote, Three Days in the Country, The Boys In The Band

Glen, Iain, seen in: Uncle Vanya, Longing

Hawkins, Sally, seen in: Constellations

Head, Anthony, seen in Six Degrees of Separation, 24 Plays, 24 Hour Musicals, Ticking, Love in Idleness

Heffernan, John, seen in: She Stoops to Conquer, The Physicists, Love and Information, The Hothouse, Edward II, Oppenheimer, Macbeth; Saint George and the Dragon;  Pinter 7

James, Joshua, seen in: No Quarter, Love and Information, The Tempest, Fathers and Sons, Light Shining in Buckinghamshire, Platonov, The Seagull, The Life of Galileo

Karimloo, Ramin, seen in Love Never Dies, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables

Lewis, Damian, seen in The Misanthrope, American Buffalo,  The Goat or Who is Sylvia

Macfadyan, Matthew, seen in Private Lives, Jeeves and Wooster

Manville, Lesley, seen in: Six Degrees of Separation, 24 Hour Plays, Ghosts, Long Days Journey into the Night

Menzies, Tobias, seen in: The Recruiting Officer, The Fever, Uncle Vanya

McArdle, James, seen in Platonov, Ivanov, Ivanov, Angels in America Part I and II; next in Peter Gynt

McAvoy, James, seen in: Three Days of Rain, Macbeth, The Ruling Class; next in Cyrano

McCrory, Helen, seen in The Late Middle Classes, Last of the Housemanns, Medea, The Deep Blue Sea

Miles, Ben, seeen in: Love Love Love, Bring Up The Bodies, Wolf Hall, Sunset At The Villa Thalia; The Lehman Trilogy

Millson, Joseph, seen in: The Priory, Love Never Dies, Rocket to the Moon, Macbeth, Mr. Foote’s Other Leg , Apologia;  next in Mary Poppins

Morrissey, David, seen in:  In a Dark Dark House, Macbeth, Hangmen; Julius Caesar; next in: The End of History

Murphy, Cillian, seen in: Misterman, Ballyturk

Parker, Jamie, seen in: Assassins, High Society, Guys and Dolls, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Raison, Miranda, seen in: 24 Hour Plays, Henry VIII, The Physicists, Strangers on a Train, Hello/Goodbye, The Winter’s Tale, Harlequinade

Riley, Tom, seen in: My City, Dry Powder

Rylance, Mark, seen in: Richard III, Twelfth Night, Farinelli and the King, Othello

Scott, Andrew, seen in: Pinter Shorts, Birdland, The Dazzle,  Hamlet, Seawall; next in: Present Laughter

Sewell, Rufus, seen in: Old Times, Closer, Art

Sheen, Michael, seen in: Hamlet

Simm, John, seen in: Speaking in Tongues, Hamlet, Betrayal, The Hothouse, Three Days in the Country, The Homecoming, Pinter at the Pinter 6: Party Time and Celebrationnext in: Macbeth

Staunton, Imelda, seen in: Sweeney Todd, Good People, Gypsy, Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf, Follies

Stephens, Toby, seen in: A Doll’s House, Danton’s Death, The Real Thing, Private Lives, Oslo

Stevens, Dan, seen in: Arcadia, 24 Hour Plays

Stirling, Rachael, seen in: The Priory, An Ideal Husband, The Recruiting Officer, The Winter’s Tale; Labour of Love

Streatfeild, Geoffrey, seen in My Night With Reg, The Beaux’ Stratagem, Ivanov, Wild Honey

Strong, Mark, seen in: A View from the Bridge, The Barn

Tennant, David, seen in: Much Ado About Nothing, Richard II, Don Juan of Soho

Terry, Michelle, seen in: Privacy, Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It; Becoming – Part I, Hamlet, As You Like It,  Macbeth; Henry IV part on

West, Dominic, seen in: Othello, My Fair Lady, Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Whishaw, Ben, seen in: Peter and Alice, Mojo, Bakkhai, Against, Julius Caesar

Wilson, Ruth, seen in: Through a Glass Darkly, Anna Christie, The El Train, Hedda Gabler

Worrall, Madeleine, seen in Jane Eyre Part I and II, Jane Eyre, Peter Pan

And I have to add German actors:

Becker, Constanze, seen in Medea, Zwei Uhr Nachts (2 a.m.), Wir lieben und wissen nichts (We love and know nothing), Macbeth, Save Places, Penthesilea, Totentanz (The Dance of Death), Eine Familie (August: Osage County), Evening at the Talkhouse, Oedipus, Macbeth

Schulze, Marc Oliver, seen in Die Möwe (The Seagull), Nora (A Doll’s House), Medea, Zwei Uhr Nachts (2 a.m.), Wir lieben und wissen nichts (We Love and Know Nothing), Die Wiedervereinigung der beiden Koreas, Save Places, Oedipus

Also on my list is Danish actor Mikkelsen, Lars, seen in Tribardernes Nat (The Night of the Tribades) in Copenhagen and I have seen Swedish actors Endre, Lena, and Persbrandt, Mikael in the play Dödsdansen (Dance of Death)in Stockholm – both were absolutely amazing! Also Persbrandt as Macbeth, Den inbillade sjuke (The Imaginery Invalid).   My latest addition to the list is Swedish actor Karlsson, Jonas whom I have seen in September 2017 as Richard III at Stockholm’s Dramaten. He made a lasting impression on me  and he has just got an award for his performance . I cannot wait to see him on stage again soon in I väntan pa Godot (Waiting for Godot).

Maybe added in the future, I liked to see them on stage, maybe very much, but not sure yet if I would like to see them in everything:

Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson, Matt Smith, Shaun Evans, Richard Armitage, Simon Russell Beale, Edward Bennett, Nick Fletcher, Helen Mirren, Tom Hiddleston, Adrian Lester, David Dawson, Zoe Wanamaker, Freddie Fox.

I’m not completely happy with this list as I am sure I forgot a lot of people, but it’s not fixed anyway. Just to get an idea about my taste and what actors I had the pleasure to watch on stage already.

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Update Favourite Actors List

I’ve just updated my favourite actors list. My latest additions are Swedish actors Lena Endre and Mikael Persbrandt who I have seen last Friday in Strindberg’s Dödsdansen (Dance of Death).

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How to Find Cheap London Theatre Tickets in 2016



As a regular and enthusiastic theatregoer, I’m often asked by friends how I can afford it, to which I explain that, despite the rising prices for big West End shows, not all theatre in London is extortionate, especially if you know where to look and are open to visiting a wider variety of venues.

Last year, I shared a few tips, some obvious, some less so, as to how to secure tickets at a cheaper price and with the new year upon us and budgets tight after Christmas, it seemed the perfect time to revisit this topic. Most of these options require some effort, whether that’s getting up early to queue or setting a diary reminder to jump on a website the moment seats are released, but others are offers that may be available to you due to where you live or your age. Hopefully some of these tips will…

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Jane Eyre

… and a Review by Gareth James. Source: Jane Eyre

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Review – Jane Eyre, National Theatre

I watched the very long two part Version in Bristol last year. And it was on my favourites of the years list. Looking forward to see this version next month. Tomorrow is press night. The review is by a West End Whinger. Source: Review – Jane Eyre, National Theatre

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Theatre Tips – How to Find Cheap Theatre Tickets and Access “Sold Out” Shows

Theatre Tips – How to Find Cheap Theatre Tickets and Access “Sold Out” Shows.

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Theatre News: I’ve watched my first play in a language I don’t really understand

I travelled to Copenhagen to watch a play, Tribadernes Nat, (The Night of the Tribates), by Per Olov Enquist in Danish because I am a big fan of Lars Mikkelsen. I was very impressed by his performance so that he just made it onto my favourite stage actors list. And he proved to be one of the nicest people ever when I met him.

Hope I will manage to write a bit about that extraordinary experience in beautiful Copenhagen in the next days.

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Musical Day – Made in Dagenham, Sweeney Todd at ENO

The next day of my April trip was Musical Day – thanks to a facebook offer I have spottet I got a very good seat in the Stalls for Made in Dagenham and did’t have to get up early to do day seating.

 photo P1020215_zpsrjx2yfiu.jpg

This was the last Matinee of that “Original British Musical Film Adaption”. I was glad I had a chance to see it and enjoyed it very much. There were a lot of silly matinee things brought in – what is usually done on a last matinee, most of them I recognized but not all as it was the first time I was watching it.

And there were the very moving moments, the audience stood up/put their hands up several times and engaged themselves in the story line. All of the cast, especially Gemma Arterton, were very moved by it. The cast and the audience including me had a very good time on that afternoon.

A lot of people have been raving about Gemma Arterton in this  – and she really was the heart of this production with a surprisingly good singing voice.  But it was a great cast in general and it was a pleasure to see some other familiar faces like Scott Garnham (I fell in love with his Enjolras in Les Mis) and Steve Furst (Mr. Wormwood from Matilda).

A recording of the Made in Dagenham is available now. It is a decent piece of a Musical and it would be a shame when it would not have any future.

I did not go to the stage door unfortunately as I had to rush to meet a friend for dinner.

In the evening finally the main reason for this trip: Sweeney Todd at the ENO! 

 photo P1020229_zps2ycnppon.jpg

Sweeney Todd- why did I book it:

The Cast:
An absolute dream cast: Emma Thompson – I’ve always wanted to see her on stage! Opera singer Bryn Terfel, Philip Quast, Matthew Seadon-Young (Urinetown), Katie Hall, John Owen-Jones, Rosalie Craig, Alex Gaumond

What’s it about:
The demon barber of fleet street – that famous musical by Stephen Sondheim.

What I like about it: The semi staged version had it’s charm. The talented cast and great full orchestra- you usually never get in a Musical theatre – were an absolute treat.

My Highlights: Emma Thompson – everything about her! But especially how the orchestra and the conductor David Charles Abell got “immersed”

What I don’t like about it: Something was lacking, a bit of heart and charme the Tooting Arts Club Pie and Mash Shop production of last year had. And in my opionion Bryn Terfel’s great voice is not perfect for the part of Sweeney.

The audience: Very mixed, but a lot of posh people- well it was at an opera house and rather expensive, a lot of leaners (meh!)

Stage-door experience: Emma Thompson did not do the stage door. Bryn Terfel was nice and conductor David Charles Abell (first seen him conducting Love Never Dies and then again many times)was extra nice (my friend’s friend is his biggest fan and he knows her :-D) But the best was waiting together with great people, old and new friends and having a good time chatting about the evening and a lot things more theatre.

 photo P1020235_zpsqjugjfnw.jpg

 photo P1020231_zpsck0ka0hx.jpg

Would I like to see it again?
Oh yes, but not possible as the next day was the last performance. I so much wish it had been filmed and there was a cast recording.

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