Musical Day – Made in Dagenham, Sweeney Todd at ENO

The next day of my April trip was Musical Day – thanks to a facebook offer I have spottet I got a very good seat in the Stalls for Made in Dagenham and did’t have to get up early to do day seating.

 photo P1020215_zpsrjx2yfiu.jpg

This was the last Matinee of that “Original British Musical Film Adaption”. I was glad I had a chance to see it and enjoyed it very much. There were a lot of silly matinee things brought in – what is usually done on a last matinee, most of them I recognized but not all as it was the first time I was watching it.

And there were the very moving moments, the audience stood up/put their hands up several times and engaged themselves in the story line. All of the cast, especially Gemma Arterton, were very moved by it. The cast and the audience including me had a very good time on that afternoon.

A lot of people have been raving about Gemma Arterton in this  – and she really was the heart of this production with a surprisingly good singing voice.  But it was a great cast in general and it was a pleasure to see some other familiar faces like Scott Garnham (I fell in love with his Enjolras in Les Mis) and Steve Furst (Mr. Wormwood from Matilda).

A recording of the Made in Dagenham is available now. It is a decent piece of a Musical and it would be a shame when it would not have any future.

I did not go to the stage door unfortunately as I had to rush to meet a friend for dinner.

In the evening finally the main reason for this trip: Sweeney Todd at the ENO! 

 photo P1020229_zps2ycnppon.jpg

Sweeney Todd- why did I book it:

The Cast:
An absolute dream cast: Emma Thompson – I’ve always wanted to see her on stage! Opera singer Bryn Terfel, Philip Quast, Matthew Seadon-Young (Urinetown), Katie Hall, John Owen-Jones, Rosalie Craig, Alex Gaumond

What’s it about:
The demon barber of fleet street – that famous musical by Stephen Sondheim.

What I like about it: The semi staged version had it’s charm. The talented cast and great full orchestra- you usually never get in a Musical theatre – were an absolute treat.

My Highlights: Emma Thompson – everything about her! But especially how the orchestra and the conductor David Charles Abell got “immersed”

What I don’t like about it: Something was lacking, a bit of heart and charme the Tooting Arts Club Pie and Mash Shop production of last year had. And in my opionion Bryn Terfel’s great voice is not perfect for the part of Sweeney.

The audience: Very mixed, but a lot of posh people- well it was at an opera house and rather expensive, a lot of leaners (meh!)

Stage-door experience: Emma Thompson did not do the stage door. Bryn Terfel was nice and conductor David Charles Abell (first seen him conducting Love Never Dies and then again many times)was extra nice (my friend’s friend is his biggest fan and he knows her :-D) But the best was waiting together with great people, old and new friends and having a good time chatting about the evening and a lot things more theatre.

 photo P1020235_zpsqjugjfnw.jpg

 photo P1020231_zpsck0ka0hx.jpg

Would I like to see it again?
Oh yes, but not possible as the next day was the last performance. I so much wish it had been filmed and there was a cast recording.


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