I am very enthusistic about theatre and everything connected with it. It’s my biggest hobby since 2009, actually I’m a total geek. I’ve always been fascinated about it since the school days, and the first play that made a deep impression on me was The Physicists by Dürrenmatt. It was a theatre-trip with my class, I don’t even know exactly where and when it was, but the feeling I had during and after watching it is still present with me.

I have been grown up in a very small town in Germany, very distant from the next town or city with a theatre, so I was very happy about every schooltrip to a theatre – not many of my classmates were though. When I moved to Frankfurt to study I had the opportunities – and I went indeed from time to time to the theatre, about 3-5 times a year – but my deep passion for it has only started with a theatre-trip to London in January 2009: My motives for that trip: RSC-Hamlet with Patrick Stewart and David Tennant,- who was unfortunately not on because of back-problems when I was there ;-( – and a not very much known play by Neil LaBute at the Almeida Theatre with one of my favourite British actors, David Morrissey. 4 more trips in the same year have followed and since then I have been completely addicted to British theatre and I travel to the UK, to London, Chichester, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Sheffield, Bristol or Manchester a few times a year. And since then I even visit my local theatres in Frankfurt/Germany much more often. In 2015 and 2016 I also made trips to Kopenhagen and Stockholm to see some of my favourite Scandinavian actors on stage. I hope there will also be a trip to New York in the not that distant future.

I prefer plays to musicals, but I like them too and I love going to the opera!

I am always happy if you link to my blog (also to any single post) or if you quote my texts, but please don’t copy whole texts or use my pictures without asking!

You can contact me under my mail address: kirsten(at)clever.ms
And I am also on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Kirsten_SE


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